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Thanks to our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, ESLSCA students and alumni have exclusive access to a wealth of resources and opportunities to help make their vision a reality.

ESLSCA Ex3 Egypt Programs

Programs & Initiatives

With our resources, partnerships and hands-on support at your disposal, your entrepreneurial aspirations are attainable!

Ex3 Startup Incubator

Launch  Accelerator Program

Our Accelerator program is an intense 3-months
experience, designed to support you scale your startup business and navigate your early start in the market.

Cycle 2 Starting March 2023 -
Know More & Apply Now!

Ex3 Hackathon

Strike-Up Hackathon

A  48-hour sprint-like design event. During the event tech- enthusiasts will get together and collaborate to create solutions to an existing hardware or software problem, within a two days challenge.

 Our goal is to get a new wave of ideas from participants, and turn possible prototypes into scalable software. 

Ex3 Startup Incubator

Tech-Startup Incubator

Ex3 Start-up Incubator is a 12-week program, focused on developing and growing start-ups with high growth potential, aiming to create and introduce new and innovative solutions.

The program takes participants through the stages of conceptualizing, product development, testing and validating.

Ex3 Brand Manager

Brand-Startup Incubator

To complement our undergraduate specialization in Luxury Brand Management, and to support local youth brand development, we launched Ex3 Brand Incubator.

The brand Incubator is a 9-week condensed program designed to deliver skills relevant to brand-centric start-ups.

Ex3 Hub

Ex3 Hub

Ex3 Hub is the center of entrepreneurial activity at ESLSCA, and the home of Ex3 and its different activities.

The space hosts events related to entrepreneurship, workshops, clinics and fire-side chats. We welcome everyone to attend and have a coffee with us afterwards to network.

Hands-On Support Along the Way


Access to flex-desk office space at Ex3 Hub3 24/7, Wi-Fi, meeting room, coffee, kitchen, printer etc.


Sessions with Business Developers to support your entrepreneurial journey, set goal and milestones, and provide you with coaching and support on how to develop your startup.


Invitations to specific activities, sprints and content that is designed based on the maturity of the startups, founders and related to all startup building phases.


Being a part of a network with peers, founders, and startups, both at ESLSCA and the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Access to support from our consultants within growth, product, finance, legal support, and tech.


If you need specific support or insights in an industry or challenge of yours, we can possibly match you with an external mentor relevant for you.

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